The power to generate growth
comes from people


Instant Access to
Earned Wages

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Help alleviate employees’ financial burden.
Increase job satisfaction and retain great talent!

Partnered with major banks, we provide employees access to earned wages in real-time.

If they have worked even one day, employees can receive those earned wages immediately.
No need to wait for paycheck day! We call this system Instant Pay

For employers, there is no change to your HR operations: pay employees once a month as you have always done.
Just subscribe, download our app and leave the rest to us.

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Rethink the salary system

Salary on demand!
If you have earned it,
you deserve to get paid immediately

Here’s How It Works

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Step 1

Smart work attendance management

Check-in and out of work on our GPS & QR code-based work attendance tracking system

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Step 2

Earn cash for
every work hour

Your earnings are calculated
in real-time as you work

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Step 3

Take out up to
$500 per month

When Instant Pay is withdrawn, our partner bank will provide the funds directly to the user's personal account.
To cultivate responsible use, we limit usage to
$100 per day and 5 withdrawals per month

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Step 4

Quick & easy

On payday, confirm the Instant Pay amount withdrawn
and receive the rest of your salary immediately

Don’t wait for your paycheck
and get paid instantly

Companies can reach new heights
by valuing
workers' happiness.

Happy workers make
Happy customers

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